Psychological Weight Loss Techniques

Slimming in My Attic - Video Based Program
From Andrew T. Austin

All the material from the acclaimed, "Weight Loss - A Neurolinguistic Perspective" training workshops.

Contained in this online video-based program is all the material from these workshops. All recorded for you in my little attic space. This program contains 22 videos outlining different aspects of the ability to choose what you put into your body.

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The premise of this work is simple. So many of my clients with weight issues know so well that the most important thing is not the food.  The key issue is how people think, feel and make decisions. And the problem is that the massive food advertising industry has the technology to make our decisions for us.

The other thing that is quickly so obvious is that it is rarely a person's fault that they are overweight.  But it is so easy to blame the victim. We live in an information age of abundance and the constant cultural push to consume more and more is ever-present.

"Love the skin you are in", "fat acceptance", "body positive", "health at any size" and other slogans are all designed to encourage you to eat more and more and more.

According to Huffington Post: "[In the USA] food companies spent $11 billion on television ads in 2017, and 80 percent of that, about $8.8 billion, was spent on their unhealthiest offerings ― sugary soda, fast food, candy and unhealthy snacks." 15 Jan 2019.

Why do they spend so much?  Simply because it works.

Some individuals are far more susceptible to this information push than others. This is the main message of the material in this unique program. I aim to help fight back against this terminal onslaught of consumption culture.

It is so easy to blame the individual for their obesity.  After years working as a therapist and hypnotist, I sincerely believe that this "obesity epidemic" will continue only until people are able to successfully sue the food industry and hold them to account for this problem.  Over 11 BILLION dollars is spent in the USA alone on what amount of mental persuasion and programming to eat more, more and more. This is one of the major contributions to the ongoing destruction of culture, health and personal liberty all in the effort to get rich off the vulnerable.

Psychology of Weight Loss

Video Contents of The Program

      • Food for Thought (What do you hunger for?) - video 11.04mins
        How information consumption style matches how we consume food.
      • Emotional Dumpers - video 9.13mins
        People who are really good at loading you up with things you don't want and what to do about them.
      • "That's Right!" - video 8.15mins
        How to say "No!"
      • Advanced "That's Right!" - video 14.24mins
        How to really say "No!"
      • Three Stage Abreaction - video 14.42mins
        Dealing with reactions to saying "No!"
      • Feeders - video 24.22mins
        Some people give you love...others give you cake.
      • The Three Pillars - video 22.36mins
        A classic emotional chain reaction and ever ending cycle of guilt and regret.
      • Advanced Three Pillars - video 9.13mins
        How regret about overeating might be trapping you in the past.
      • Yo-Yo Dieting - video 9.15mins
        The classic pattern of the yo-yo dieter.
      • Motivation Patterns - video 12.51mins
        Classic patterns of motivation.
      • Better Decisions - video 6.52mins
        Is a diet really needed, or do you just need to make better decisions?
      • Mind Control - video 10.30mins
        Using your mind to control your thinking about food.
      • Obesity Traits - video 12.08mins
        Psychologist Stanley Schacter identified some traits common to overeaters.
      • Zero-Sum Game Theory - video 10.49mins
        How mathematical theory influences our food choices.
      • Time Orientation Patterns - video 20.56mins
        Differences in how we organise time will affect how we think and behave.
      • Going to Waist not Waste - video 5.24mins
        Is it really better to be fat than be wasteful?
      • Guilt Gifts - video 2.19mins
        A trick for dealing with stored guilt.
      • Guilt Clothes - video 4.36mins
        Another trick for losing some unwanted baggage.
      • The Guilt Destroyer - video 9.02mins
        How to remove guilt forever.
      • Cravings - video 13.30mins
        Do cravings really exist?  I don't think so.
      • Integral Eye Movement Technique (IEMT) - video 06.57mins
        A useful therapy trick to change undesired feelings.
      • Advanced Eye Movement Technique - video 06.08mins
        Some applications of IEMT.
      • Sleep and the War on Snoring - video 10.48mins
        Can simply changing sleeping habits improve our eating habits?

Audio Contents of The Program

Recording of the entire workshop delivered in Bangalore, India to 45 nutritionists, therapists, doctors and clients.

What people have said about the weight loss workshops:

"Andrew has a truly unique way of looking at all weight issues. The whole day was extremely thought-provoking and unlike anything I had previously heard about weight, an excess the which I have carried for the whole of my adult life. Ideas around how people process information & consequentially food were belief shattering. I shall be forever grateful for Andrew putting on this event and sharing his insight with me and "if the proof is in the pudding" I have lost over a stone by doing absolutely nothing accept paying attention and considering the information shared with us on the wonderful life-changing day. Thank you, Andrew, please run many more, the world needs you!!" Erica - NLP trainer, coach & therapist.

"I’ve just attended a one-day One Day Weight Loss Workshop with Andy Austin. What fun! His direct and humorous style of communication had me totally absorbed. The course was insightful, informative and very, very useful. The timing couldn’t have been better as my first Sounds Positive Weight Loss Group Workshop starts this week in Henley on Thames. As a result of what I learned, I’ve restructured my workshop content to include the material Andy gave us. I couldn’t recommend this course more highly."  Lysette Offley, Hypnotherapist and Coach

"I have followed the work of Andrew Austin for a number of years now. He is utterly engaging as a speaker and trainer, and will often challenge perceptions you might have with his often controversial style. What I like about training with Andy is that he has real-world experience from his private practice, not just uber-compliant course delegates, and will do whatever he needs to do in order to help people change. His time in Neurosurgery and pragmatic commitment to excellence have given Andrew a unique take on therapy and change. I also like the way he inoculates against some of the barmier therapies with a dose of common sense. I have trained with Andrew on several occasions, he is massively congruent in what he does, as he has worked with some really extreme cases therapeutically, his training represents extremely good value, and have personally revolutionised my private practice. Anyone who is interested in personal development, therapy or coaching should train with him." Alan Whitton, Hypnotherapist and Trainer

Having worked with enough clients all reporting the same problems it has been possible to start to distil the patterns that they often have in common. This was then the basis of the workshops which enabled me to field test the data and gather better feedback on the processes.

This material has been presented in the UK (Harrogate, London, Newcastle), India (Bangalore, Trivandrum), Poland (Warsaw) and the USA (Washington DC, Boulder Colorado).

psychology of weight loss"Slimming in my Attic" won't show you anything about calories or dieting or how to lose weight effortlessly. You probably already know a lot about that, have spent the money, bought the expensive herbal pills and hardly used that discounted gym membership. But this program will show you what to do about the psychological and emotional differences to better enable to think and reason like a thinner version of you.

I can offer you no guarantees at all. But I am certain that unless you have attended my trainings on this subject before (or bought the previous product) then most of the material here will be new to you.

Available now for just £9.99 one-off payment

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After payment via Paypal, you will be directed to the login page.

psychological slimming techniques

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2 thoughts on “Psychological Weight Loss Techniques”

  1. eating sensibly i.e. seeing food as fuel for my body, never eating between meals, loosing desire 4 chocolate (and other sweet stuff), moving around a lot – it works 4 me, i have lost 2 stone in 2 months … still have a few to go before i reach my target weight
    – also having interests outside of eating (computing, gardening, visiting family and friends etc etc) helps too …

  2. Irreverent, annoying, BUT effective.
    Time after time Andrew delivers, but this is something we can all take something from. Diet and nutrition is important, and while this won’t offer formal diet and nutritional advice, the mindset and information you ingest around weight loss is just as important as the food you eat.

    This is no nonsense, no angel channelling, no madness. Just powerful effective information.

    It is with great annoynce that I am forced to doff my cap once more Austin!

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