Creating sensory rich experiences

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Creating sensory-rich experiences

One of the things about food and our desire for it is that the brain craves flavour. Research has demonstrated that people prone to over eating are attracted more to high flavours than others.

So, part of losing weight is to permit the brain the level of sensory stimulation that is desires, but not necessarily through the food that you eat.

Colours, smells and feels. So, if you don't use it already, incense is a good consideration. Many of us are familiar with the incense sold in lifestyle stores, but you may want to search out the real stuff.  Find an Indian grocer or incense seller and ask for the best, and most expensive incense that she or she sells. It will cost very little, and actually cost less than the mass-produced incense sold in the lifestyle stores.  The quality will be noticeably better.

As a quick safety note, a bowl of wet sand on a firm surface away from curtains and pets is the best place to position your incense stick. Disaster can arise if you use plant pots. If the soil/peat mix in the plant pot is dry, there is a significant risk that the incense will start the soil smouldering.

Bright clothes and posters are another thing. Following the ethnic theme, many countries considered "ethnic" have a tendency towards bright and colourful clothing. Compare this to the Scandinavian and New York preference for uniform dark blues and blacks.

Posters can be found cheaply in art stores, you can position fluorescent card in strategic positions too.

For more sensory stimulus, if you can avoid stubbing your toes, you might like to start going barefoot around the house, start feeling textures and surfaces with your fingers, much like you did when you were a child.

Become sensory aware and enrich your sensory experience.

Try listening to different types of music from genres and places you would never normal look. The internet has made this very easy and virtually free to do.  Buy audiobooks, go to the theatre, dress up more often.  Play.

Now, none of this will mean that you will lose weight as such, but you will start to train your brain to find sensory-rich stimulation in areas and places other than food.

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