Self Sabotage

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Will he/she still love me?  Self-sabotage.

Losing weight can significantly impact your relationships.  It is not uncommon for some women to fear losing weight because of the extra sexual attention they receive from men.  Women who have had difficulties arising from this is the past may well self-sabotage when it comes to losing weight in order to stay safe and immune from such attentions.

Other problems can arise with some people fearing weight loss because it may change the way that their partner sees them.  Some people are intimidated by their partner's attraction potential, whilst others simply prefer their partners big.

Other problems that can arise for some people, although admittedly, not commonly, is that some people worry that they might stray if they lose weight.  It isn't entirely unknown for people to use their extra weight as a strategy to maintain an existing relationship because they feel unattractive to new potential partners.

Changing body size through dieting can impact on so many areas other than just health.  Relationships can be affected and changed too - usually for the better.  So, if you find yourself self-sabotaging, ask yourself about what effect weight loss will have on your relationship/s.

Take a risk - if you have concerns, voice them.  They may turn out to be true of course, which will mean that the real issue will now have to be dealt with.  But often voicing these concerns about relationships enables them to be addressed as they turn out to be less true than originally feared.

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