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Eat less pasta. 

Oh, it is so exotic, so European and so chic. Pasta is sold to us along with the idea that it is the Mediterranean healthy alternative to potatoes.

Pasta conjures up the idea of healthy living, sunshine, red wine, olives and a relaxed carefree family orientated lifestyle.

Sorry, but we need to look at this again.  Eating a lot of pasta will make you fat.

Pasta is a high energy, simple carbohydrate food that the body readily stores as body fat when consumed in enough quantity.  Let's look at the ingredients of typical pasta (based on pure durum wheat):

      • 13.5% protein
      • 74% carbohydrate
      • 1g fat

It is that last figure that gives the pasta its appeal - it is a low-fat food. Well, whilst pasta does not contain a lot of fat, all that carbohydrate is turned into fat by the body and helps you maintain weight. This is not what you want if you are reducing weight.

Give up the pasta.

Have pulses or beans instead. Eat lots of these, as well as lots of vegetables. Think what a normal portion of vegetables would look like and treble that. Big leafy, green vegetables. For additional flavour, add a vegetable stock cube to the water when you cook them.

Pasta is regarded as the devil by many people in the bodybuilding world, people who by their nature look to build muscle and keep body fat to a minimum. Whilst eating a low-fat diet is ideal in so many ways, affecting everything from blood cholesterol through to long term bowel health, simply switching to things like pasta is not going to help us to lose weight.

Pasta is an ideal food to have prior to a day of physical labour, but it is not suitable for when we are routinely slimming down our body size.

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