cake comic 3 copyMaking a Better Decision is a good plan.

Sometimes when we are dieting, we get an irrational craving for something that we are avoiding eating. That craving can occur just hours into the diet of course and persist for a very long time.

Substitution is the most common cure that is suggested for cravings. "Don't eat that cake, eat a carrot instead." Not exactly the best advice, because the person rarely craves carrots, they are craving that cake!

So what we see is the person eat the carrot, wait for a while, then they go eat the cake.

Substitution is common, but it is really ineffective, so we need to do something more than this. Rather than trying to deal with the craving, we can do something more, bigger, better, more creative.

But it does take a bit of conscious effort.

Ready for this?

Imagine eating the cake. Make the movie happen in real-time, imagine every bite, swallowing it, notice how it feels in the stomach. As you do this, start to think about the consequences of eating the cake. How much you weigh, the size of the clothes that you have to wear, your health, how other people see you. Think about how you see yourself.

Then imagine eating more cake. Then some more.

Imagine going back to those weighing scales. imagine standing naked in front of that full-length mirror. Think about what you say to yourself when you see yourself.

Then imagine eating more cake!

What we are doing here is building in the consequences for our behaviours, which when it comes to food are often missing. For example, many of us would like to drive our cars as fast as we possibly can, or just go into a store and help ourselves to things without paying. But we don't, simply because we know about the consequences to ourselves and the consequences to others. This gives us the moral compass..

Well, we can create the same effect with food.

Practice this repeatedly, and see what it does for you. You will thank yourself as you are learning how to make better decisions with food.

Share any mind tricks you know in the comments section below.

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