Eat better quality food


Feel better and improve your life - eat better quality food.

Many people spend fortunes on personal development courses, pursuing the dream of living life better and feeling good all day, every day.

For most people what drives them to attend so many personal development courses, read self-help books, buy crystals, train in various healing arts and so forth is a constant presence of low-level sense of well-being.  Absence of well-being in the form of tiredness, fatigue, sub-clinical depression, foggy-headedness and chronic psycho-somatic minor ailments.  All this can lead to a sense of profound sense of life dissatisfaction which is sought out in personal development courses and detoxification.

Add to this mix a wife variety of over the counter herbal remedies, supplements, detoxification diets and tea, as well as curious past-times such as colonic irrigation, aromatherapy and massage then the costs can really begin to add up.

Whilst many of these things have their place, a greater sense of well-being can be achieved with a simple list of three objectives.

- get more sleep and better quality sleep

- do more exercise, get fit

- eat better quality food

Often sleep improves when we lose weight.

Sleep also improves when we do more exercise.

And we are less hungry when we sleep better.

Two of the most common reactions to better sleep and more exercise is that skin tone and skin quality improves noticeably, tired lines start to reduce and the eyes look clearer.

For the average person, improving sleep and exercise will do more for your appearance than any cosmetic ever can.

Also, you will want to consider improving the quality of your food. It is reasonable to say that the average person worries more about the quality of fuel and oil they put in their cars than the quality of food they put into their bodies.

Think about this. Your health and healing depend largely upon your body cells ability to reproduce themselves effectively. And our body cells can only build new cells from the base materials that you provide for them. This base material comes from the food you eat.

If you eat low quality food, the material that is provided for your cells will be the same low quality.

The old saying, "pay your grocer or pay your doctor" is very true.

So three simple things that incur no additional cost and only require minimal effort can transform your body and your health.

Eat better food, do more exercise, and get more sleep!

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