Fruit has a lot of calories!

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Don't forget about the fruit!

When considering how many calories we are eating, it is so easy to only count the bad things and forget about the good things, or healthy things. Fruit can contain a lot of sugar, and sugar equals calories.

For example, an average apple can have 60-80 calories, a small banana can have 100 calories, and a bunch of grapes can have the same. These fruits are virtually fat-free.

Meanwhile, something like an avocado has much less sugar, but contains much more fat and weighs in with around 200 calories.

That healthy orange will have as many as 100 calories whilst a small bag of strawberries will have just 28 calories.

So, it is worth remembering the fruit when you work out your daily calorie intake.

Compare these to vegetables.

For example, an equivalent amount of broccoli has just 30 calories and is packed with vitamins and good stuff. Carrots and red peppers are similar in terms of calorific value. Courgettes and iceberg lettuce are even lower with just 20 calories.

What is interesting is how small an amount of vegetable people tend to serve themselves. A full roast dinner may contain just 4 brussels sprouts, the equivalent of one large cabbage leaf and one carrot sliced up. The bulk of the meal is made up of potatoes and meat.

A small salad may contain just a few leaves of lettuce and other ingredients and then loaded up with dressing and condiments. Most of what is in the salad bowl is just water. Eat more salad. Much, much more! It requires a change in perception of what is a lot. Salads are also packed with micronutrients which are vital for good health.

The suggestion here is to reduce the number of potatoes, and significantly increase the number of vegetables to bulk out the meal. Fruit is good. Keep eating that fruit, but be aware that vegetables are better when trying to lose weight. LOTS of vegetables.


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