Hypnotherapy for weight loss?


Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss?

Many people will attempt hypnotherapy when they are trying to lose weight, only to find that it is not as helpful they had hoped for.

Often this can do with the expectations of the client who seeks the hypnotherapy. It is not uncommon for people to expect that the hypnotist will place the client into a deep trance, will say some magic words and then wake the client up and magically everything will be different.

What is happening here is that the client is expecting to be entirely passive in the process and expect something to happen.

Sadly this is also fostered by some hypnotherapists who claim that the trance will enable to the client to sleep whilst they talk to the client's "unconscious mind" and implant some positive changes that will create changes without the client's conscious effort.

Possibly for some people in some instances, this appears true, but sadly it is not for everyone.

When examined in this way, it is obvious that weight loss arises from changes in behaviour, and changes in behaviour require some effort, and to a degree some planning. However, hypnotherapy can help enormously as an adjunctive treatment to assist in creating a shift in one's mindset.

It can be recommended to buy two or three hypnotherapy for weight loss CDs by different hypnotherapists. After all, every therapist has their own view on what is effective and what is not.

Listen to them regularly, but don't rely on them to do all the leg work for you. Remember, hypnotherapy for weight loss is an adjunctive treatment, it is something to help things along a little bit.

Dob you have a favourite hypnotherapy CD that you recommend? Let us know in the comments section below.

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