Proactivity versus Reactivity

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Are you proactive or reactive?

Now, some of you will notice that is an either/or question, and you may not think of yourself as either. Or you may think of yourself as both. After all, it depends on the context and what you are doing.

For example, when it comes to keeping your home tidy, do you wait for it to get messy (reactive), or do you actively keep things in place as you go and avoid the untidiness in the first place (pro-active).

Also, when it comes to buying presents at Christmas or some other festivity. Do you plan ahead of time (pro-active) or do you leave it to the last minute (reactive).

It's worth thinking about these things, as there is something known as thresholds - for example, just how untidy does your home need to be before you are spurred into action to tidy it. When you leave things to the last minute, just how much time is left before you are spurred into action to buy that present?

A common pattern with weight loss is that people want and expect weight loss to be rapid.

They react to being overweight and want it to happen quickly, before that beach holiday, or hot date with a potential new partner.

But this doesn't work. When we hanker for rapid weight loss, we react to the consequences of our lifestyle, rather than change the lifestyle that causes the excess weight.

Effective and sustained weight loss does not work when we simply react to our size. We need a much more pro-active attitude to design our futures differently. Otherwise we join the ranks of the yo-yo dieters, who having reached the excess size, react to this and crash diet, successfully losing weight for that special event. and once that event is over, they re-engage their previous habits and pile of the pounds again.

So, here is your task. spend a week watching how much of your behaviours are reactive, and how many are proactive. Notice the difference in your attitude and the way you think. You can learn to adopt a much more proactive attitude in your eating habits that will help you on your journey for a slimmer you.


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