Cut out the sugar!


Cut out the sugar!

You don't need it. sugar is a high calorie, nutrition free nonsense designed to trick your taste buds.

The most common source of sugar apart from sweets and candies for most people is through the drinks they consume. Those sweetened fizzy drinks that you buy are just cram-packed with sugar. Ever spilt some drink but not noticed until it dried and you were left with a sticky mess?

Not just the fizzy pops either, beers and lagers, ciders and "alco-pops" are similarly loaded with sugar.

Now think about this. If it needs to be sweetened so much as to be palatable, is this something you really want to be consuming and putting inside your body?

Of course, not everything sweetened is bad for us, but the level of sweetening undoubtedly is.

Tooth decay is the least of your worries. too much sugar creates a wildly fluctuating insulin release, helps the body produce fat deposits and seriously affects your body chemistry.

Some people will insist on putting several teaspoons of sugar into their tea or coffee. Start cutting this down.

Nearly everyone who has ever cut sugar out of their diet will pull a face as they drink tea if you've put sugar in it. People have this tendency to desensitise to sweetness, so sometimes end up requiring ever-increasing amounts in order to get the same flavour. This is bad news.

One of the issues that face overweight people who are trying to lose weight is that they often crave flavour. So, don't make the mistake of using sugar substitutes. Not only do they taste fairly awful anyway, but they won't permit the re-sensitization of the taste buds. Basically, what you want is for the taste buds to reset to the default factory settings that you were born with.

You might like to go cold turkey by just cutting out sugar altogether. Most people benefit by cutting down slowly though.

Also, be aware just how much sugar is in food. Most processed foods, even pre-packed spicy curries are often laden heavily with hidden sugar. Breakfast cereals are especially bad.

Start reading the ingredient labels on pre-packaged foods. You will want to start reducing your consumption of all pre-packaged and convenience foods. Cooking properly does take a bit more effort, but it is often a lot cheaper and so very much healthier.

Lose weight, cut out the sugar.

Good luck and be strong.

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