Most of us associate sugar with the white crystalline substance that we buy per kilogram and usually put into our tea and coffee. It makes them sweeter, and it makes life sweet. Or so we can think.

It's worth mentioning here: give up sugar if you want to lose weight!

I'll say that again. Give up sugar. No excuses, no nothing. Just give it up.

I'll spare you the complicated science behind this and keep this as simple as I can. But when you consume sugar, it gets absorbed quickly into the bloodstream and in order to reduce this rapidly rising blood sugar level and use up the sugar in metabolism, the body will release insulin.

When this sugar is used up in metabolism and there is nothing left in the form of food to maintain a good blood sugar level, there can be insulin left over, which will cause a rapid lowering of residual blood sugars. This can lead to fatigue, the shakes, severe hunger and sugar cravings. This is the feeling of hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar).

Thus, the person will usually consume large and fast sugar to feel normal again.

The cycle repeats.

This constant lurching of blood sugars is not at all. Not at all.

When we eat complex carbohydrates, the sugars are released more slowly into the bloodstream, and the insulin levels also remain fairly stable.

To give up sugar, set your self a withdrawal program. First up, stop buying sweets and candies. Just stop it.

No excuses.

Second up, quit all sugary drinks like sodas, colas etc. Don't even buy the diet or light versions. You need to give up the sweetness as well as the sugars.

Thirdly, start reducing the amount of sugar you put into your tea and coffee. If you take 2 sugars in your tea, start getting used to one and a half sugars. Do this for a week or two, then reduce it by another half a teaspoon.

Be prepared over this withdrawal period to have to either explain to people that is quite acceptable to have half a sugar in your tea, or you may need to start carrying sugar with you and a spoon so that you can control this yourself.

Good luck, and in case you missed it before. Give up sugar!

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