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Give up the booze.

There are a number of immediate benefits that can be rapidly gained by giving up all alcohol. Now, I know, I know, you've red reports how a little alcohol is good for you, it helps treat heart disease, is good for your arteries and red wine contains antioxidants and so on. But so does broccoli, and broccoli isn't responsible for massive amounts of social depravity, hangovers, fights, addiction, increased risks of oral and stomach cancers and all manner of unpleasant nastiness.

Giving up alcohol will bring benefits to your sleep. Whilst alcohol is quite a good soporific, it disrupts REM sleep, which is in part why you can wake up feeling so grotty and tired the next day.

Alcohol dehydrates you, again, this can disrupt sleep as you have to get up to pass water, but this is also a disaster for your skin. A lot of drinkers have poor skin condition and this improves dramatic when they give up alcohol.

You will be more alert and your short term memory will noticeably improve.

You will lose weight. Alcoholic drinks tend to come loaded with calories, and the effects of alcohol will seriously disrupt your insulin cycles which can lead to the munchies the day after drinking alcohol, which usually involve a craving for calorie rich, salt rich foods to correct the salt imbalances caused by the salts being washed out of the blood through all that fluid being consumed.

Your long term health will improve. Alcohol consumption increases your risks over time of most cancers, liver disease, strokes and dementias.

Slimming in My Attic

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