Supermarket Anxiety

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Shopping lessons and supermarket anxiety.

Shopping lessons might sound a bit daft, but they might not be such a bad idea for some people. Buying fresh produce can be a bit challenging for some people after all supermarkets and even outdoor markets all have different ways of operating.

For example, they sell loose carrots. So, you look for a small thin bag to put them in, which can be difficult sometimes since the minimum wage staff rarely seem to replace them when they run out, and then you bag them and .... oh, then what? Do you have to weigh them and get a tag? Is there a little booth where a person does this for you? Or do you just take them to the checkout in that little bag along with everything in your cart?

What about those supermarkets where they sell those carrots or swedes etc by their weight. They say, 29p per pound, or whatever, but there aren't any scales anywhere to be seen? What does a pound of carrots look like? What happens if I just try to buy one carrot, is that allowed? Will I get told off?

And what about that deli counter? Those massive blocks of cheese and half a cow or pig? £5.50 per quarter pound. What does a quarter pound of that actually look like? If I ask for 2 pounds, will I need a truck to get it home in? Or, will it only be enough to serve myself, but no one else back home?

What about when we try to compare to the pre-packed stuff.

Well, the loose carrots might be 29p per pound, but the pre-packed bag? Priced by the kilogram.

The rotters, they do that deliberately so you cannot do a ready price comparison.

With fruit, it gets worse. They will have a special offer of, say, apples, priced by the bag of 6. No weight displayed. The loose ones will be priced at price-per-pound-weight, and the pre-packed ones are priced by kilogram.

So basically, the shopper has no clue as to which is the best buy, and in our anxiety, we buy the ones that the supermarket direct us too.

Maybe there is a niche market for instant calculators and mini-personal scales for shoppers to take with them. As always, do please share your supermarket anxieties in the comments section below.

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