But you have such a pretty face…

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But you have such a pretty face!

People are quite brilliant at saying stupid stuff. Most of us have done it at least once ourselves, said something in all innocence, without even thinking about it, only to have it come back and haunt us later on when our brain finally catches up with our mouths. Some people are better at it than others, and there are some of us who have to put up with from other people more often than most.

Us fat people are those people. People are quite brilliant at saying stupid stuff to fat people, things like, "Oh, it is such a shame, you have such a pretty face" is just one of them?

Such a shame for what, exactly? What exactly they thinking is happening by only having a pretty face?

Do these same people wander over to random ugly people and say, "Oh, it is such a shame, you have such pretty feet?" I'm guessing not.

"They are always such nice people" is another one of those things that people say about fat people. Agreed, the morbidly obese don't make up a particularly significant percentage of the prison population. I mean, how many serial killers weighed more than half a ton? I'm quite sure some fat people are quite vile and people that know them shun them like the plague, but that isn't the point here.

Why is that person needing to create a pleasant positive stereotype in the first place? Is it because they need to say that in order to neutralise the revulsion or negative feeling that they possess in the first place?

Like, "Oh, i know he's ugly and eats all day long and is a lazy *****, but he's a really nice guy. It's a shame, he's got such a nice face."

It's a bit like when people enjoy a really good bitching session about a mutual acquaintance and finish the session with, "Oh, but I do like the guy, I mean, at the heart of it he's actually quite a nice guy."

Or am I just being a bit sensitive here?

As always, do please post your comments in the comments section below. I'd love to hear more stupid things that you have noticed that people say about/to fat people.

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