Money in the land of the obese

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The exploitation of fat people

People who eat too much are a huge cash crop to so many industries. The media for example. There are a plethora of TV shows dedicated to gawking at the lives and suffering of the obese and super-obese. There are day time TV shows where the resident expert dispenses advise to the middle classes about how to eat healthier and get fitter.

There are the shows that show the triumph of a person who has lost a shed load of weight, and we clap and applaud like they are some kind of superhero for simply eating less and moving about more.

There is a political power that is gained by groups like the fat acceptance movement, and people who sue airlines and restaurants because they feel they were discriminated against because the company was unable to deal with the fact that one of their customers weighed a ton and a half. That company should have had a policy, a crane, a lifting team of wrestlers and scaffolded seating at the ready, just in case a person who eats too much turns up at their store. Compensation settles that score.

Surgeons who want to make a fortune can specialise in private bariatric surgery and staple stomachs for a living, orthodontists wire jaws, therapists therapise, psychiatrist prescribe, counsellors counsel and the cookie makers make cookies. Everyone getting rich from the fact that some people eat too much, way too much.

Meanwhile, the drug industry continues to develop the magic pills that sell in incredible quantities to keep the obese alive and prevent them from succumbing to the consequences of eating too much.

There is a lot of money to be made in the land of the obese. A lot of money indeed.

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