Fat is beautiful

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Fat is beautiful?

Ok, let's be clear. People are people, they do what they do, and in a free and civilised society, as long as what they do does not harm others, we should be OK with that right? Prejudice is all forms is bad. Really bad, when we oppress others based on their skin colour, their sexuality, religion, or whatever, this is a sign of something wrong with us. The name of the game is tolerance and acceptance.

But...and you knew there was a but coming. There is a message out there that "fat is beautiful" and we should love each other equally.

But where exactly is this message coming from? Regardless of whether fat is beautiful or not, you will probably have your own opinions on that anyway ("beauty is in the eye of the beholder"), why is this message being broadcast?

To sell you stuff. Fat is beautiful as long as marketers and product producers are able to sell stuff into new and lucrative niches.

Fat fashion. For years fashion models have been thin and getting thinner, to the point of skeletons hobbling along the catwalk looking like lovesick junkies looking to get their next fix. It's a pretty appalling scene, an entire industry that encourages its young hopefuls to starve themselves silly in order to get that all-important exposure on the catwalk. Broken menstrual cycles, low bone density and rotted teeth from regurgitated stomach acid afflict these young hopefuls en masse.

So, all this permitted a new niche to emerge - fashion for people who are not anorexic; fat fashion; fat and proud of it fashion; fat and proud to show it off and flaunt it all in fashionable clothes fashion.

Not, wear-lots-of-black-and-horizontal-stripes-to-try-and-disguise-it fashion of the guilty and shamed. Guilt fashion. Fashion for those who want to hide and eat cake for comfort.

Fat is beautiful and you are beautiful, this is the message. Be loud and proud.

Sure, this works to challenge and reduce prejudice and on that score, this is no bad thing.

But fat and proud? Fat and beautiful? They miss something out.

Fat and beautiful and early to the grave from a long list of highly dangerous and life-threatening diseases fashion.

They don't portray that in their marketing.

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