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Stop eating before you are full

It might seem obvious and sometimes just more than a little difficult, but stopping eating before you reach maximum fullness is a really good way of losing weight.

The principle behind this is that there two two ways that we measure how fulfilled we are by our meal. Blood sugars and stomach capacity/fullness.

It can take 20 minutes or so for food from our stomachs to start to raise the blood sugars back to the optimum levels from when we were hungry. But we can full our stomachs much quicker than that. Sometimes we can feel quite literally full, but still be curiously hungry. This is the capacity (full) versus blood sugars remaining lower than normal.

The reverse of this can be true when you eat something small, but tasty sometime when you feel really, really hungry, but then when you sit down to eat your meal, you are strangely not hungry.

Eating slower can also achieve this beneficial effect. Chew each mouthful one hundred times, and interesting things will begin to happen to the way you eat and especially with regards to how much you eat. Your grandmother was quite right when she told you to eat slower and chew your food more thoroughly.

What other tips did your grandmother tell you about food? If you have any interesting or crazy examples, do please post them in the comments section below.

Slimming in My Attic

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