Battle of the bulge

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The battle of the bulge

It's weird how some people describe their attempts at losing weight. "The battle of the bulge" is quite common, which if you think about it is quite strange. Presumably, the bulge they refer to is their mid-riff bulging out from their body and over their trousers and somehow they are engaged in a battle against that.

Now, maybe I am reading too much into this phrase, but battling against your belly is about as sensible as battling against your knees. It implies that the bulge has a life and force of its own, it is an enemy that must be defeated. Yet, it exists only because the person fuels it by adding too much food into their body.

This is like throwing petrol on a fire to battle the flames. It is like selling weapons to the insurgents and then wondering why they rise against us later on. It makes no sense and gives away a significant part of the person's reasoning about how they think about excess body weight.

They are in a noble fight, a war against obesity, a battle.

Wars involve life and death, heroic struggles and a lot of heartache and devastation.

Is this really a good way to be thinking about managing our bodies and food intake?

Think more in terms of body management, maintenance of a well-run machine, rather than wars and conflict. When we take a more engineering approach to managing ourselves and our lives, things become much more real and practical, rather than fighting an invisible enemy which simply turns out to be ourselves.

When we fight ourselves, one of us is going to lose.

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