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Colonic irrigation

Colonic irrigation was very popular in the 1990's when various celebrities and royalty declared their favour for the procedure.

Classed as a new age treatment, colonic irrigation has its roots in history and in medicine, but for different reasons. Enemas have been used for centuries for the treatment of constipation and also are used medically in the treatment of some forms of liver failure by ensuring that the bowel is kept clear to reduce effort on the liver.

This does not mean that that enemas are "detoxifying" to a normal person.

A classic marketing message for colonic irrigation is the the analogy of cleaning your house. They say, imagine never cleaning your house…how long would it be before it becomes full of dirt of unwanted toxins. Colonic irrigation is like giving your house a really good clean.

This is total nonsense, of course. But it can be a convincing marketing message to many would-be customers.

After a colonic irrigation session, the person will feel different, they will probably feel a bit lighter and less bloated. There is a good reason for this - their bowel has been emptied more than it is usually emptied. It will soon refill again of course, which leads the person to thinking that they need further irrigations.

But there is another problem about such new age treatments. they act as a panacea. they are enablers. Panaceas such as this give the impression that the person is doing something healthy, something useful when it comes to getting fit and losing weight and improving their health.

But all this effort, expense and "treatment" don't actually do anything of genuine benefit. They can act as a useful distraction that fulfil the feeling of doing something decent, but actually are a waste of time. It creates an illusion, but is effort wasted.

Slimming in My Attic

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