Take cooking lessons

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Take cooking lessons

It's amazing how many people don't know how to cook. This might be why the TV shows about cooking are so popular and there are so many "celebrity chefs" with their own TV shows as well. There are even TV shows that are competitions where wanna-be cooks try to out-cook each other in a "cook off" where the winner takes all and the losers faces the shame of being a bad cook.

The libraries and book stores have huge cookery sections of books devoted to recipes and cooking styles, healthy eating, eating for one, cheap eating and so on.

There is a huge industry around teaching people how to cook, but here's the thing. how many people actually pay attention and study and learn how to cook from these shows and books and magazines?

So, do this - take cookery lessons. Adult education centres are forever offering different types of cooking lessons. It is never too late and is without a doubt the most important thing you can ever learn how to do. Learning how to feed yourself is key to survival and someone who cannot adequately feed themselves a healthy diet is going to die early.

Why bother studying for that high paid career if you are unable to feed yourself with decent nutrition?

Why bother having children if all you do is destroy their bodies and their future every time you put poor quality, high fat, high carbohydrate food into their mouths? Why have children just so that you can kill them slowly? Why bother having a body yourself if you simply kill it slowly yourself?

Learn to cook. Learn to live.

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