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The raw food diet has at its core the main idea that cooking and processing of food removes many essential vitamins, enzymes and nutrients that our bodies require. A raw food diet consists primarily of uncooked, unprocessed fruits, vegetables, sprouts, seaweed, nuts and juices. Apart from a few monkey's who cook potatoes, human are the only animal on the planet that cook and process their food with heat. Heat also softens the food, and as a result the human jaw has been getting smaller over time as the requirement for heavy chewing is reduced.

Meanwhile, fruitarians eat primarily fruits, with nuts and grains as well. A fruitarian diet also includes foods like tomatoes or avocados, which are fruits. Whilst this diet may suit monkeys and apes and other animals, for humans this is not a good idea. It is worth mentioning that monkeys will eat monkeys from other species too. A kind of monkey cannibalism.

If you are crazy enough to choose a fruitarian diet, you need to think carefully because it can be more of a challenge to get enough essential protein in your diet. You should not be copying what our monkey cousins do.

A strict fruitarian eats nothing which has been killed or stolen. This is largely a moral choice over a healthy choice. This choice supplants meat, dairy, and plants with the thousands of fruit and nut combinations on the planet. For example, a fruitarian can eat an avocado sandwich. Not exactly the most conventional choice for sandwich filling, but actually, it works rather well.

Slimming in My Attic

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