Take a year off

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Consider taking a year out. Really.

It's worth considering. If you are having serious trouble in changing your diet and your lifestyle, maybe you need to take a break from it entirely. There has been a very popular TV program called "Wife Swap" where for 2 weeks people swap families and live the way the other family live.  Now the producers of this program pick the families very carefully and switch the families around in the most challenging manner.

For example, someone from a very strict religious background may end up living with total heathens, someone with right-wing tendencies may end up with someone who challenges the right-wing idealism and so on.

What comes out of this program is an interesting experiment in getting people to live a different lifestyle for a while.  Mostly they don't like it at all, but most people do learn something about themselves and take on a lot of changes in their way of life as a result.

This can be useful to know. When we go on holiday, we pick a place that doesn't challenge us, we will pick a place that enables us to be ourselves.

Maybe it is worth changing that for a while.

For example, students on their "year out" may often end up volunteering somewhere in a far off impoverished location helping the needy, but for some reason, this is seen as either something reserved for the students on a year out, for missionaries with a religious mission or full-time charity workers.  This isn't seen as something to be undertaken by the middle-aged fat person.

Logistically, of course, this can be difficult and present quite a challenge and by comparison, then dying young from an obesity-related illness looks quite easy.  What do you think?

So, here are some suggestions on where to start.  you might like to consider some of the overseas volunteering organisations.  The USA has the Peace Corps, the UK has the Voluntary Service Overseas.  The internet has opened up a lot of opportunities for volunteers and an internet search will enable you to connect directly with overseas missions. Orphanages, schools, hospitals and food charities all need volunteers.

However, volunteering might not be your thing.  You could go and live in a hut high up in the Himalayas for a year. The locals will show you the ropes.  Maybe go and join a nomadic tribe in the desert, or live in one of the facilities on the north or south pole.

There are lots of fairly remote destination islands throughout the Pacific and Asia where living is possible and you will challenge your sense of self.

You could go and be a temple aid in India and help feed the destitute.

Losing weight is a lot more than simply a cosmetic procedure. It is about your mind, your heart and your soul.

It is a journey into yourself and exploration of the uncharted territory of the mind. you go there, explore, experience and when you return you are not the same any more.  You have the experience and knowledge that you lacked before.

Good luck and stay safe!

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