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Eat more soup! When dieting, many people will eat soup in place of a meal. The effect of this is quite simple: extreme hunger. Often the soup is made from vegetables, maybe a minimal bit of chicken and mostly water. The nutritional value is really quite small.

So, here is the trick. Have soup as an addition with your lunchtime and evening meal.

Why? Well, curiously, when you add soup to your meal your stomach doesn't empty as quickly so you will feel full for longer.

Now, soup texture is really important here. If you were to simply drink a glass of water with your meal, then you will achieve the exact opposite effect and your stomach will generally empty quicker and hunger return sooner.

So soup that resembles coloured water with lumps bobbing about in it won't do. It needs to be a thick soup that looks like it has been through a blender, with a thick creamy texture.

The effect of drinking this with your meal will be that your stomach will remain fuller for longer and hunger will be allayed.

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