Kidney Beans

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Red kidney beans

When losing weight, you may want to consider eating more red kidney beans.  A lot more.

The main trick when dieting is to avoid hunger…so the news is, you need to eat more. A lot more, but of course you need to eat more of the right things so that you eat less of the bad things.

Eat more of the good stuff.

Red beans are part of that good stuff.

Yes, they might give you gas, but so what? Most people with weight issues are familiar with the rigours of flatulence.  If you fart already, a little more isn't going to matter, is it?

So, let's look at what is in these red kidney beans.

      • 93 kCal per 100g
      • 6.9% protein
      • 15% carbohydrate of which just 1% are sugars.
      • 0.6% fat
      • 6.2% fibre

So, you know what this means? Red beans are "slow carbs" which helps maintain your blood sugars, they can bulk up your meal.

To make them tasty, add a stock cube and pepper to the water when you cook them.

They are very cheap too when bought dry.  The main inconvenience is remembering to soak them overnight before cooking, so some degree of forward planning is required. The advantage is with some food containers they can be easily refrigerated and reheated without problem.

So, eat more beans!

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