Stuck in a rut?

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Getting out of a rut.

When losing weight there is much in our day to day routine that we need to change. It can be as if the changes that we want to make conflict with how we live. So here is a top tip suggestion for you.  Do activities that totally break with routine - do things that you would not normally do.

Imagination is required here.

For example, you might like to go on a hot air balloon ride.  This isn't something most people ever do.

How about going on a rock climbing and abseiling day?  Not your cup of tea, need something less extreme?

How about looking at what courses are running at your local adult education centre. Mushroom identification? Philosophy?

Here are some other suggestions of fun, educative events that help break up your routine and give you new experiences and new outlooks.

      • Self-defence training
      • Stand up comedy training
      • Sailing
      • Metal detecting/treasure hunt
      • First aid training
      • An open day at the rifle range
      • Work as an "extra" in a movie
      • Volunteer at the local hospital
      • Join the local Chamber of Commerce and/or volunteer bureau
      • White water rafting/canoeing
      • Potholing/caving
      • Paintballing
      • Jousting
      • Horse riding
      • Trampolining
      • Dry skiing
      • Ice skating
      • Flying

Aim to do one event a month.  Something that gets you out of your normal routine and takes you right outside of your normal mindset.

With weight loss, you are creating a different way of being, by introducing a diverse range of experiences, you will learn how to discover life with this different you.

If you are part of a slimming group or club, you might like to arrange group activities and ask for group discount.

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