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A strange device that fits in the mouth has been created that prevent people from wolfing down food faster than the stomach can report to the brain that it is getting full thus signalling that it is time to stop eating.  The device called SMART has proved safe and effective in a new Australian study.

The SMART device is placed in the upper palate only while eating.

Its purpose is to "displace oral volume," thereby forcing people to take smaller bites and chew their food more thoroughly and slowly before swallowing.

The SMART device was invented by a woman with a medical condition called torus palatinus.  This is where bony protrusions that can grow on the roof of the mouth reducing the size of the oral cavity.

Not only was she thin, but also she was always the last person to finish eating because of her condition.

The new study involved 20 overweight and obese participants.

After 4 months, the average weight loss was five kilograms with significant changes to body shape.

What is not known is just how willing the public will be to insert the device into their mouths before eating!

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