Exercise is no way to lose weight

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Burning calories???????

Exercise is great. Exercise is good. Exercise makes you strong and healthy and gives you long life. Exercise is important.

But is it a good way to lose weight?

Probably not.

Think about this.

A can of cola contains approximately 150 calories.
100g of chocolate contains 520 calories.

Compare this to exercise.

For example, a full hour of swimming will burn 600 calories. That's a full hour of active swimming, not just bobbing about in the water.

Brisk walking will burn about 300 calories an hour.

Jogging will burn about 675 calories an hour.

Mostly less than a bar of chocolate and a can of cola.

When attempting to diet and lose weight, so many people will begin a badly thought out exercise plan. A plan that is haphazard and a plan that will often involve the consumption of high energy foods in order to avoid the shakes and fatigue. They can then wonder why they are not losing weight, despite getting fitter.

The most common explanation is that "muscle is heavier than body fat" which for people doing muscle mass exercise rather than cardiovascular exercise may well be true. for others, it may be that their calorie intake is exceeding their calorie consumption.

So, the message here is not that exercise is bad for you if you are losing weight. Gaining an overall improvement in health is an excellent benefit from exercise, but what is important to remember is that exercise is not an efficient method for losing weight and that often exercise will not offset that increase in calories.

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