Slow down

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Weight loss top tip. It's simple and takes practice. Experiment with this and see for yourself.

Eat slower. Really, easy as that. Eat slower.

So much of our appetites are regulated by blood sugar levels and by eating slower, we can allow blood sugar levels to increase whilst we are eating and thus not overload our stomachs with unnecessary food.

It takes about 20-minute soft blood sugars to come up to normal levels after eating. In part, eating a starter that contains simple carbohydrate can make quite a difference.

Restaurants are aware of this and next time you visit a restaurant, notice what is offered as starters. Nearly always they are vegetable and protein-based with minimal carbohydrate - they don't want to ruin your appetite for the main course by raising your blood sugars and instead aim to merely get your juices flowing.

By slowing down, our blood sugar levels start to rise whilst we are eating, and excessive hunger diminishes. If we eat our fill before the blood sugar levels are restored, then we only stop when our stomachs are full. Many of us have experienced the phenomena of hang eating a mammoth portion only to find that we are still hungry.

An anecdotal tip that some people report useful, is to suck a single boiled sweet (candy) 10 minute before eating. Simple sugars like this are rapidly absorbed and increase blood sugar levels. It is worth being aware that too much sugar will cause an excess of insulin release, which will still be blood born after the sugar levels drop again, causing an increase in hunger and sugar craving.

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