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Top Tip - Perseverance

The problem with trying to lose weight is that the weight isn't lost overnight. Well, not unless you have major life-threatening surgery, that is. Here's the reality - you can virtually starve yourself and suffer the hunger pangs from hell for a few days, do lots of exercises and then after much sufferance, stand on those scales and….no significant change.

The rate of weight loss seems to disproportional to the level of sufferance and effort we put into losing the weight.

Relax, most of the time, it is our expectation that is erroneous. Of course, we want fast and rapid results and all over the internet, there are adverts that promise fast and rapid weight loss that is effortless.

The things are usually nonsense of course. The best option is to reduce your expectations with regards to the time frame. Because the desire to lose weight is often a reaction to being overweight or a reaction to the fact that there is a beach holiday coming up or a wedding, often there is a rush to get the result.

Relax. Aim to lose about between half a kilogram and a kilogram a week (1 to 2 pounds) and allow for a marginal increase in weight periodically. Lose half a kilo, lose another half a kilo, then the accidental half a kilo weight gain. This is normal. There is always a marginal weight fluctuation either way, even when you are not dieting, so don't lose heart. What you are after is an overall weight reduction over time, with a few bumps here an there.

Sudden and rapid weight loss is achievable, but we know that the evidence says that this kind of weight loss is usually only a temporary event.

Sustained effort and perseverance are key here. Good luck!

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