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Here's a weird fact - people who are blindfolded who are offered a plate of fried eggs (but are not told what they are being offered) will often grimace and reject the food. The three main components of food attractiveness: visual appearance, texture and flavour.

Various experiments have been done to challenges the appearance of food. One memorable experiment had researchers offering chocolate that was shaped like faeces with most recipients finding it very difficult to eat the chocolate without significant discomfort.

Food manufacturers and retailers know ell the importance of the packaging that food comes in. For example,'whole foods' where the emphasis is in the fresh, natural and organic elements of the food must have minimal or no packaging. Chocolates that are designed to be given as a gift must always have expensive packaging.

I am reminded of the experiment with wine experts. They were offered supermarket wine that was poured from expensive bottles into expensive glasses. Few, if any, could tell the difference

Supermarkets that offer a budget 'stores own' value range such as cereal, nearly always offer the product range in packaging that is deliberately designed to look cheap. This is not because the boxes they come in are any cheaper to produce, but because of the emotional effect it has on the consumer - it shames the consumer to buy the more expensive product whilst enabling the store to claim the cheaper price in their advertising.

So here is the tip and we suggest making this a new habit if you don't do it already: Improve the presentation of your food. Restaurants tend to offer for on the plate that is presented professionally, yet so many people at home offer themselves food that is just dropped, or slopped onto the plate. Serve the food to yourself as you would expect the most expensive restaurant to serve it to you.

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