Take good quality vitamins


Take good quality vitamins

It's a tragic thing that in the developed world there are large numbers of people, adults and children that are obese and suffering from serious malnutrition. Malnutrition is commonly associated with third world countries and famine, where the news is filled with horrific pictures of emaciated children with extended bellies. Such images shock us and tug at our heartstrings, and the images of suffering may prompt us to donate to the much-needed relief fund.

Yet, pictures of children closer to home of fat children who struggle to walk normally, of adults unable to get out of bed because of their size, do not arouse such empathy in us. Partly this is because the children in the famine zone are innocent victims of weather or of political and social strife and conflict, but the malnourished morbidly obese person at home is seen to have brought it upon themselves.

Thus malnutrition is a situation that is not associated with obesity. Yet to be obese is by definition malnutrition. The nutrition the person is taking in is directly in conflict with survival. Also, vital food elements may be missing from the diet, which will help off-set the devastation that is happening to the body. A well-nourished body is better able to fend off both short term (acute) illness such a seasonal virus, coughs and colds, and also long terms diseases such as cancers and age-related illness.

So, if you are on the journey from obese to slim, you will want to begin a damage limitation exercise immediately. Buy a high-quality vitamin supplement. Avoiding falling for the mega-dosing routines, and stick with the medically recommended levels of vitamins. Just because a small amount of vitamin does you a lot of good, doesn't mean a higher amount of vitamin will do you more good. It might just do the opposite.

One vitamin you may want to buy additionally to the multi-vitamin is vitamin D - recent research has demonstrated that the previously thought of levels were too low, and the recommendation is to raise the amount of vitamin D accordingly.

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