Time for a reality check

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Reality Check

When it comes to losing weight, a reality check is required.

Stop buying fashion magazines and lifestyle magazines. The men's magazines are as bad as the women's. You rarely see an ugly person in these publications, everyone is perfectly tanned, with perfect skin, perfect muscles perfect poise and so on. Bastards.

The images are of course airbrushed out of all normal boundaries, the pictures are adjusted, polished, made synthetically perfect. Soon a robot model will have far superior features and will replace these inferior human originals

And those pictures are adjusted only after the models have been extensively made up by highly paid professionals using the world's most expensive makeup in the first place. It is worth adding that these models for a large part spend their 37.5 hours a week working out, they don't have another day job. Getting the body they have IS their day job. I doubt it is at all easy.

They present themselves to professionals to get made up, dressed, told how to stand, what expressions to pull. A thousand pictures are taken, many of which look totally awful, many are great, but only the very best of the best are chosen.

These then are the images that you feed your brain when you look through these magazines.

It is not at all healthy or good for you.

Put away the magazine and take a better look at real human beings. The beings you pass in the street, the beings you work with and so on. Look at their lumps and bumps and skin tone. Not the 18-year-olds who haven't seen anything of life yet or started to sag. Look at the people of your own age group. Real people.

Losing weight should not be based on a fantasy or upon unrealistic expectations. Losing weight is a real, effort-based behaviour that needs to be grounded in the real world. So, please, throw away those magazines and pay more attention to real people.

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