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Creating changes in lifestyle.

Here's a question to may like to consider. If the King/Queen/President were coming for tea at your house this afternoon, what would you rush home and change, arrange, or do? When you have the VIP visitor, what behaviours in yourself would you change, what aspects of your life would you try to keep hidden, or shy away from?

Why would it take a VIP visitor to come to your house for you to make these changes?

The thing here is to start to think how you can treat yourself like a VIP in how you live. For example, would you really serve the food you serve yourself to an important visitor? What about those plates?

List out all the changes you would make, and start to implement these changes for yourself.

Another way to think about these things. Imagine your home was being inspected by one of the louder celebrity chefs that like to shout at people who don't maintain decent standards on their TV shows? What would you imagine that they would say about the nooks and crannies of your cupboards, your fridge, how you serve your food and so on. What about that bathroom? The bedroom?

Start to raise your standards and keep them raised. Treat yourself like the VIP that you are!

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