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For healthy adults, arginine is a non-essential amino acid, which means that most of the time it can be produced by the human body, and does not need to be obtained directly through the diet.

There are some conditions where a person will need to take arginine supplements, but this isn't common. Arginine is a common item on the shelves of the health food stores and "bodybuilding" type of stores. It isn't cheap, nor necessary for most of us to take as a supplement.

Arginine is found in a wide variety of foods, including:

- dairy products such as milk, cheese and whey protein drinks.
- beef, pork, poultry and game
- seafood
- wheatgerm, granola, nuts, chickpeas and soya

Arginine is required for healthy cell reproduction, wound healing, a healthy immune system and also hormonal regulation.

Arginine does illustrate a very important point when it comes to weight loss, fat loss, and improved over all bodily health. Your body cells can only survive on the fuel that you provide for them. If you give them poor quality fuel in the form of poor quality food, then you will suffer. Part of the goal of weight loss is not just the cosmetic improvements that we can hope to see, but also to live a longer and healthier life.

The best way this can be achieved is with good quality food, exercise and improved sleep. Protein-rich foods are one of the changes to make to your diet, and not in the form of expensive supplements unless they are prescribed by a physician.

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