Eat more, not less


One of the main problems with dieting is feeling hungry all the time. Persistent hunger can take over a person's thoughts and really ruin their day. This hunger is unnecessary if we pay attention to what causes hunger: low blood sugar level and an empty stomach.

If we eat a bag of sugar candies (simple carbohydrate), our blood sugars will rise and our hunger will subside for a while. But our bellies will not feel full, there will be a lack of satisfaction.

If we eat an entire roast chicken (protein), our bellies will be full. But we may well quickly feel hungry later as we lack the blood sugars.

So in order to quash persistent hunger whilst losing weight, we need to maintain a steady blood sugar level. This can be achieved by eating more complex carbohydrates.

Complex carbohydrates enable a slow release of sugar into the bloodstream and so allay hunger for longer.

Things that are white: white rice, white bread, sugar, simple flour are the simple carbohydrates and are best either avoided or kept to a minimal level. Avoid sugar, sugar drinks, high energy snack foods. Whilst on a diet you need to eat more, not less. This is really important.

I'll say that again. Eat more. Not less.

But it is important to be aware of what you can eat and what to avoid.

Beans, pulses, lentils, whole grains contain more complex carbohydrates and can be increased a swell as increasing the amount of proteins (meat, soya, eggs, nuts). It's worth remembering that two packet of crisps (chips) and a chocolate bar contain more calories than a roast dinner.

Consistently, when the simple sugars are eliminated from the diet and replaced with complex carbohydrates and proteins the dieter very rarely feels hungry. It does mean that you will need to change your shopping habits. The way to do this is to plan some extra time to explore the supermarket. We are creatures of habit and there is so much around in the food stores that we do not normally notice.

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