Avoid everything white

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Stop eating refined foods.

Here's a simple tip when considering what to buy and eat. Don't buy or eat anything that is white.

Don't eat white bread, white rice, anything made from flour, pastry, sugar, pasta and noodles.

Modern refined foods that are white have had something substantial removed from them - fibre. The fibre content of food makes up a considerable percentage of that food. what is left is just pure starch. And too much starch equals increased body fat. When the bulk of the fibre is removed, to make up the portion size, we eat more of it, and so increase significantly the number of calories ingested.

Old fashioned bread that is quite literally heavy will be far more filling and far better in terms of quality calories loading than the modern, light tasty white bread that is the fetish of so many overweight people. If you eat a lot of this type of bread, you might as well just eat pure starch when it comes to weight loss.

Sure, the bread is low fat, but the body converts the simple carbohydrates into body fat very readily.

Now, this same starch is present in the heavy breads too, but in much less quantity, as the bread is bulked up with fibre and the more complex carbohydrates which help with digestion (fibre) and maintain a steady energy release in terms of steady blood sugars (complex carbs.)

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