Eat a proper breakfast

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Eat a proper breakfast.

Now, you might already eat what you think of as a proper breakfast. A bowl of cereal.

There's something about that, especially if it is something like that popped rice type of cereal, you know the one I mean. what equates too really is just a small handful of rice that has been baked - hardly much volume there, with some milk. It is quick, it is easy, but it will not sustain you for very long.

Some people have a yoghurt and a banana. That is healthy right? Well, mostly, yes, but it will not sustain you.

Others will have a slice or two of toast with some slimline spread on it and a cup of coffee. that is healthy, right? Well, mostly, but it won't sustain you.

Others will have the typical fry up - bacon, eggs, mushrooms, baked beans, hash browns, toast and coffee. Healthy? not really. But it will sustain you.

The trick here is to eat more, not less.

How about grilled chicken, some fresh vegetables, that yoghurt and the bowl of bran based cereal? That will both be healthy and will sustain you.

Oh, yes, you have reasons not to (excuses) right?

Let's list all two of them.

"I don't feel hungry in the morning."
"I don't have time."

Well, both of those are easily solved. When you eat less the night before, you will tend to wake up hungry. And when you wake up hungry you tend to wake up more alert too. That makes getting up just 10 minutes earlier to prepare a decent breakfast so much easier.

When you have a decent breakfast, you are less likely to feel hungry later - hunger is often interpreted as "cravings" which is silly, but very common.

Plan to avoid hunger. Eat a better and bigger breakfast.

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