Breakfast cereals

Breakfast Cereals

Take a careful look at your breakfast cereal. If you are a cereal fan for breakfast, then you will want to consider adding more protein to your breakfast. It might sound odd, but adding in an egg or two, or half a roast chicken will help significantly as you allay the protein cravings, create a slow-release energy loading in your body, and will say full for much longer through your morning.

So, why should you take a careful look at your breakfast cereal?

Because so many of them come loaded, and I mean really loaded with sugar.

Most of them are already little more than refined carbohydrates, which isn't a good thing, and then they get a sugar coating, added sugar, honey and so on added to increase their flavour and appeal. They of course particularly appeal to children.

Don't buy the breakfast cereals aimed at children. Ever, especially not for your kids either!

If you insist on having breakfast cereal, you will want to choose the high quality "whole food" type of variety - high roughage/fibre, low sugar, good mix of different grains.

The granola type of cereal, mixed with pure bran cereal is a good mix. Remember to have that extra protein with your breakfast too.

The cereal that is also worth avoiding is the muesli style that looks like it is enjoyed in continental mountainous Europe rather than middle farming America. Some of the foods that are sold with images of fresh mountain air are loaded, and I mean, loaded with excess sugar. Also, some of the "slimming" cereal that are sold - they are considered to be slimming because they are "low fat", but they still come loaded with simple carbohydrates and sugars and so are counter-productive to our mission.

So, try this - add chopped nuts, mix in some pure bran fibre cereal, pour over some live yoghurt culture. Oh, and the other thing? Eat more. Much more. A simple light breakfast will not help you if all that happens is you get hungry later. Remember that rule - avoid hunger when you are trying to lose weight!

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