Vitamin b12


The Importance of the B12 vitamin

The B12 vitamin is one of the b natural vitamins that are important to maintain health. Otherwise known as Cobalamin, the B12 supplement is required for the procedure to turn the sugars, fats and proteins from meals into energy. B12 also, furthermore, helps keep the red blood cells tissue balanced and therefore prevent heart problems as well as keeping the immunity process performing at its most. In addition, B12 is used to make the myelin sheath of all the neural tissue in our body.

B12 is good for the brain.

The most important function of B12 is with regards to maintaining healthy red blood cells. However, all tissue need B12 to keep them fit and healthy. It is the white blood cells, amongst others, that need B12 to help ensure that the immunity process working effectively.

All of the neural tissue in our body also need B12 to form their myelin sheath coating. This is important for all of the nerve fibres but is especially so for those in the brain. If there is not sufficient B12 to make this safety coating then the brain will not be working effectively and efficiently.

A lack of B12 might just render you stupid.

Interestingly, the quantity of B12 that our human demands is relatively small but is required consistently. However, B12 on its own is not enough as our body cannot process it easily. To help our body process B12 the stomach creates a built-in element which allows more of the B12 to be absorbed. B12 is only found in creature foods such as liver, egg, fish and red meat but most people consume far more than their recommended daily quantity of B12. This is not a problem as our body can only process about half of the B12 that is absorbed. It is also worth observing that our body can sell the B12 which reduces down on the impact of a B12 lack of. However, demanding non-meat eaters or vegetarians are likely to require B12 vitamin supplements if they do not eat any creature products that contain B12.

Vegetarians may need to take a vitamin B supplement if they are not paying close attention to their diet.

Because it is needed by the blood cells, if our body does not have enough B12 then anaemia is the most apparent manifestation. Obviously, this is due to the fact that there is not enough B12 to make healthy red cells. Anaemia can also be due to our body not creating enough built-in element (intrinsic factor - produced in the stomach) to help process the B12 that is available in the meals absorbed.

The body tends to makes less intrinsic factor once a person actually grows to 50 and this will lead to less B12 being absorbed and vitamin supplements of B12 may be required. Kids are also at risk from anaemia because they may not eat the meals that contain B12. Expectant mothers need more B12 because the baby is taking in B12 during having a baby to grow effectively.

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