Death from obesity and stuff

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It'll kill you in the end...

Just for balance, this is worth mentioning, I feel. We are told that morbid obesity will kill us, we expose ourselves to a whole host of serious and probably debilitating and fatal diseases, our quality of life will suffer and we will die, die die.

All very true no doubt.

But what about pot-holing? That is quite a dangerous activity. By percentage of participants, it kills more people every year than smoking tobacco. Pot holers who light up underground are a goner before they ever even risk coming back to the surface again.

But obesity - well, that's a choice, innit, people who over eat die young 'cuz they is fat, innit?

So, we blame the fat person for their own demise.

But what about the idiot that climbs a mountain and falls off. Why is that an "accident"? Why don't we say, "serves him right for making bad choices and climbing stupid mountains."

Diving, sailing, racing, football, all carry their own risks. If you don't want a knee transplant when you are 45, don't ever play football. Or ski. If you never want to wear a body cast and neck brace, never ride a motorcycle or play rugby.

But these things are always termed, "tragic accidents."

These are choices that people undertake, regularly, but no moral injury to society is perceived. But a fat person? Well, somehow they deserve that phlebitis or liver failure because, well, they is fat, innit.

What do you think? As always, comments in the comments section below, innit, thank you!

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