Read novels to lose weight?

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Read novels.

Will reading novels help you lose weight? Absolutely not. But, reading enables you to do some interesting things with your brain.

For a start, reading novels enable you to start to engage with a story, as a story that is different to the story of your own life. Stories are also a great way of changing your imagination, your emotions, your dreams, and thinking. When you read, the voice in your head is telling a story, rather than the usual inane chatter and nonsense that it witters on about.

We learn things from stories too - after all, we all heard the famous children's stories from classic writers such as Hans Christian Anderson and the Brothers Grimm. Remember the Ugly Duckling? A simple tale, but even as 5-year-olds, we knew it wasn't just about ducks. Same for The Boy Who Cried Wolf - we knew that wasn't just about wolves.

Stories are complex teaching devices, and therapists and spiritual leaders and been using stories for generations to teach us and change our mindsets to the positive. The Islamic Sufi tradition is rich in its storytelling and a number of noted therapists and authors have written books compiling the stories that act as mind riddles to get us to think differently.

When we are losing weight and changing our lives, getting into stories is a great way of activating the imagination and the mind, and this will help us change us.

Get the words of clever people on the inside of your head. Read their books and stories.

Do you have a favourite book or story that has helped you or inspired you? Let us know by sharing it in the comments section below.

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