Portion Size

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Portion size.

Here's something to pay attention to:  your portion size. I know, I know, everyone knows that right? But the thing is, to know what is a good portion size you need to be able to compare it to something.

There has been a popular television show called, "Super size versus super skinny" where a really overweight person and a really skinny person are put together, and for a week, they are challenged to eat the amount that the other person eats. Hilarity ensues as we gawp at their apparent and obvious silliness.

But the thing is, for those people, it wasn't obvious at all. Just like ourselves, they ate what was normal for them, and until they get a slap-in-the-face contrast with the exact opposite of what they consider normal, they'd never really questioned it.

So many people with weight issues tend to report that they don't really eat very much, so therefore it must be the hormones, their metabolism, their genetics, their thyroid, food intolerances or whatever the convenient explanation is. But, we know from research that actually people tend to eat huge amounts but because it is normal for them, only when they exceed this noticeably do they think, "oh, that is a big portion." But of course if you give their normal portion size to the normal weight person on a regular enough basis, the normal sized person will inevitably become obese too.

So, try this for as much as possible - get a slim person to choose your portion size for you, have them serve you what you would serve yourself. This will give you a comparison to show you what a more normal portion size looks like.

Now, cognitive dissonance will kick in here. you will quickly deny that you eat too much, suddenly forget all those extras that you buy and eat and only remember the times that you eat small portions and how terribly hungry you were afterwards.

The brain is good like that - it manages to protect your ego and keeps eveything within the realms of the familiar. Don't change, just do what is familiar.

So, ignore that inner voice that complians, just try it for a week to get a good comparison. It will help you in the long run. Really.


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