Lighten up!

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Lighten up!

Funny how there are so many everyday expressions about weight. They don't always actually mean weight, of course, they are just "figures of speech" and metaphorical expressions, but they do convey a theme.

For example, we can feel "heavy-hearted" (bad) or "light-hearted" (good). The "gravity" of a situation can "weigh heavily" on us (bad) or we can feel like we are "floating on air" (good).

A problem can be "weighty" (bad) and we may attempt a "heavy-handed" solution (bad). We might be foolish to take such things "lightly" (bad) and might end up getting "weighed down" (bad).

Odds can be "weighted" against us (bad) or "weighed" in our favour (good) and in legal terms, the "scales of justice" are blind (good) when it comes to weighing up innocence and guilt. We can talk about the "balance" (i.e. scales) of probability.

A person who is "light-fingered" ought not to be trusted (bad) and when caught, other people might come down heavy on them (?).

What other expressions are there that involve weight?

As always, please let us know in the comments section below.

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