Tomato ketchup makes you fat

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There a lot of talk about tomato ketchup being at the root of all evil. It is the devil himself.

Recent conspiracy theory has it that tomato ketchup is design to be addictive, and since it is mostly just sugar with tomato concentrate, then it is incredibly fattening, rots your teeth and forces children to stuff their face with french fries and burgers.

What total rot!

That little bit of lovely tasting tomato sauce that you add to your burger and chips does not harm whatsoever. Its calorie loading is so small, that even a decent-sized squirt of the stuff isn't adding much to your overall diet to bother about.

Its the low-quality rubbish that people use it to flavour that is the problem.

Tomato ketchup is just a condiment. Sure, if you drink a bottle a day (and I just know that someone somewhere is doing this) then you will most likely get fat, die horribly and leave a corpse that resembles a discarded gherkin.

If you eat chips and burgers daily, then you will end up looking like a bloated Elvis, but maybe without the sideburns and stupid suits.

So, if you eat a lot of ketchup think about this instead. Why is it that you need to add so much of it to your food? It might be that the quality of what you are eating is the root of the problem since it clearly doesn't taste all that great to start out with.

Ketchup - approved.

The rubbish you add ketchup to? Big thumbs down.

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