Home gym equipment

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Home gym equipment

Home gym equipment, don't do it!! I know it is tempting, you see the infomercial, you see the attractive guys and girls using the equipment showing off their perfectly toned bodies, and telling you that in just a few minutes a day they went from this (cue bad, old photo) to this: cue grinning happily six-pack abs with pert breasts.

Of course they claim this, and of course, it isn't true. These are professional models who spend hours every day working out and toning their bodies because that is their job. You, the fat person who never does any exercise, are not going to look like that person in a thousand years if you just use that piece of kit for a few minutes a day. Sorry about that.

The smooth-talking television salesperson is trained in exactly what to tell you. It's easy, it's quick, it is revolutionary, it has changed the fitness game, it will change your life, and is available direct to your door with one easy credit card payment. If you don't like it, you get your money back. (Fat people are usually too embarrassed to ask for their money back on something they are simply too lazy to use).

But let's face it, by the time you have paid by credit card and waited for delivery, the thrill will have worn off, and you will unpack the thing, spend a while assembling it and wonder why it isn't quite as sturdy as the one on the television looked and then never use it again.

It takes two weeks before you start hanging laundry on it.

Save your money, just start walking instead. It is free, and it won't collapse beneath you. But you can't hang laundry on walks. Turn off that shopping channel and go outside.

Have you bought a fitness kit that either thrilled you or disappointed you? Tell us about your experiences in the comments section below. 

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