Being Positive

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Top Tip - being positive.

People are really good at knowing what they don't want or knowing what they are not. For example, if you ask someone "How are you today?" they will often say, "Not too bad thanks."

Now, lets think about that for a moment. "Not too bad" suggests that there is a mostly absence of badness, and that this is a good thing.

Is this really how they measure being good? Goodness is not defined what the absence of what is bad. Yet this reflects how so many people think.

When thinking about what they want, people are extremely good at knowing what it is that they don't want. This is common fro young people when deciding a career path. they may not know what career path they want to undertake, but they will certainly be aware of what it is that they do not want to do.

Human minds tend to do this really easily. They can focus on the negative and ignore what is positive.

"I don't want to be overweight" is not the same as, "I want to be thin."

"I don't want to be overweight" does not imply or offer and change of behaviour. "I want to be thin" at least offers a direction, but not a strategy or solution. We need to apply the "how test". The "how test" moves from he negative into the positive with a solution.

It looks like this:

"I don't want to be overweight."

Well, that is what you don't want. What do you want?

"I want to be thin."


Now, at this juncture, people often shrug, sigh, or resign themselves to not knowing or not being able to do what is required. They quit right there and then and go back to lamentations of what it is that they don't want.

There is only one answer to, "I don't know." - find out and learn how!

And as with many things, finding out and learning how takes time an effort. And here is the simple rule: if someone else has learned how to do it, so can you. forget what you were told at school about being inattentive or a slow learner. This is not algebra or physics we are talking about here. It is about life, it is about food, it is about you. The most important thing in the world.

  • Buy a book on nutrition. Read it.
  • Take cookery classes
  • Join an exercise class
  • Have swimming lessons

Get training both your mind and your body. I don't know" is no longer a valid excuse.

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