Calorie comparisons

cake comic 7 copyCalorie comparisons.

Here are come calorie comparisons that might change the way you view food values.

1 slice of pizza: 140 calories

Hotdog: 242 calories

3 large shrimp: 30 calories

3 chicken wings: 225 calories

Small portion of french fries: 271 calories

Cup coleslaw: 66 calories

Caesar salad: 442 calories

Mussels 230 calories

16 oz steak: 883 calories

Packet of crisps (chips): 525 calories

Bowl of cornflakes: 370 calories

Full roast dinner: 956 calories.

Read that last one again. A roast dinner complete with stuffing, gravy veg, pork sausage and roast turkey plus all the vegetables comes to less calories than two packets of crisps (chips).

One of the techniques of weight loss is to avoid hunger. Hunger can be avoided by actually eating more, but eating more of the right things. When we have a small breakfast of cereal, and then a mid-morning snack of a packet of crisps (chips) before lunch, the additional calorie loading can be significant but the nutritional loading and hunger satisfaction would be minimal.

Imagine eating a full roast dinner for breakfast instead - how would this affect your hunger pangs through the rest of the morning?

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