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The excuse list.

Here are some of the most common excuses people think up when trying to explain their body size and why dieting is so difficult.

- I have a slow metabolism
- It's my thyroid
- I have a medical condition, but the doctors cannot find what is wrong with me
- It is because of my childhood
- I come from a 'big' family
- It doesn't make any difference what I eat, I still put on weight
- I have a chemical imbalance
- It's because of my star sign. It would be different if i was a capricorn.
- It's a genetic thing
- I have food intolerances
- It's an allergy
- Something happened when i was still in the womb
- I was abused
- I'm not lucky like you are
- I'm not like other people
- It's my karma
- It is because I was a middle child
- I lack will power
- Problems like this are caused by the media and advertising
- The government should do more about it
- No one has tried to help me properly

Do you have a favourite excuse? Please share it and let us know in the comments section below.

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