cake comic 7 copyGet chilling!

This technique isn't for everybody, admittedly, but is worth mentioning.

Taking cold baths will raise your metabolism. Many people with weight issues will report that they have weight issues because of their, apparently, slow metabolism. Sadly this isn't exactly true. Most people who have slow metabolisms simply eat too much and don't get enough exercise, but they mis-judge just about much food is "too much" and "not enough". Their idea of portion sizes are different to other people.

But anyway, that aside, temporarily dropping your body temperature via a cold bath will create a significant rise in metabolic activity as your body regains temperature.

Many people have experienced this effect as a child, having jumped into a cold river or lake, afterwards, they actually feel energised and even hot.

This is the attitude to take - a child-like playfulness. With repeated practice, the water won't actually feel that cold, as you get used to it. Th water doesn't need to be deep, just deep enough to sit it. Maybe add some ice cubes to chill it further.

The other interesting effect is that the skin tone improves dramatically. You may remember recent news stories about extreme chill chambers for skin treatments. The other thing about taking a cold bath is that…it really, really wakes you up and sharpens your mind. A lot!

So, armed with this simple trick to create temporary changes in your metabolic rate, there is no longer any excuse. If you find your self blaming a slow metabolism, a cold bath for you straight away! Get to it!

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