Dental Hygiene

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Maintain really, really good dental hygiene.

Something not known by many people is the cadio-vascular effects of poor dental hygiene.  For most people, the consequences are merely cosmetic and social - bad teeth and bad breath impact up on their social relationships.

But something much, much more serious can occur.  Infection from gum disease can infiltrate into the blood stream and cause serious hart problems, particularly with one of the major heart valves (note: all hearts valves are "major").  This can be rapidly fatal if not treated and can lead to the requirement of a heart valve replacement.

Increasingly, the research is pointing to chronic poor dental hygiene as a significant contributor to cardiovascular disease such as thrombosis, heart attack, angina and stroke.

This is especially important if you are overweight and are adding in the other risk factors also.

So, good dental hygiene is really important for good health and to begin to minimise the risk factors that you expose your body too.

So, do this.

Buy a really good quality toothbrush, and change it at least every three months.  Many people habituate to their old, mangy toothbrush and don't notice that it is worn out and horrible.  But a new one.  Buy a really good one.

Buy a really good toothpaste.  Don't just buy the cheapest, and get a good fluoride toothpaste.

Buy good quality mouthwash.  cheap mouthwashes tend to be very high in alcohol content, and this can actually end up just drying your mouth and adding to the risk factors.  Best type is alcohol free.

Floss at least twice a week.  It is increasingly being recommended that we should floss every day, but many people will find this too challenging to do.

Brush your teeth at least twice a day, and ALWAYS before bed.

As you will be on your weight loss plan, you won't be eating sugars anyway, which is good, but if you do on your diet-day-off, then always brush your teeth after eating anything sugary.

Maintain good dental hygiene always, it might just save your life.


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